Internet Business Model that ALL Guru are using now??

Long term income from Internet Business Model
Long term income from Internet Business Model

I believed that all of us heard the latest hottest product called “CB Quantum” by Chris? It has been sold like a hot cake until the host got to down for a few hours. Very expensive product but sincerely one question “How good can it be ?” until he need to sell at $997 per copy. I guess not everyone can effort that. 🙂

Let us not to discuss how good this product is. Today I would like to discuss the business model that he is using.

1) Ideas – Off course any product also came from research and idea which Chris cannot bypass too.
2) Product – Once we have an idea, the next will be researching and developing the e-product like e-book, e-report or training video.
3) Marketing – The landing page will up sell you the Main product and before you completed the order form, they will down selling you the membership site which will lead they to have long term income.

This is the model that most of the Guru are using now. You cannot keep doing the same thing like ideas to marketing again and again, you definitely will reach rooft top one day if you don’t have any membership site. Amazing, if you have one membership site, all you need to do it keep come out with own report, ebook or training video and post it into the site without any marketing being done. You see how simple and you can save a lot of time by doing that. 🙂

As long as you can maintained a good quality of your membership site then you should be able to gain long term income which all Guru is trying their best to maintain the standard now.

This is the standard model that most of the Guru is using now? So what is yours? Is time to have some idea on what is your business model and doing some planning. 🙂

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