Internet Marketer, please support charity.

I still remember when I attended T Harv Eker MMI course, he did mentioned that we as a successful person need to help or support who need help. He always encourage people doing some charity so that you can get more success. When you come to think of it, is true also. All these are law of attraction, the more you give and the more you will get.

Right now, Im contributing about 10% of my internet business income to my local charity organization that helping people internationally. I really hope the rest can follow my footstep too, outside there are a lot people that really need help.

If you don’t have the money, you can also contribute yourself to help out in all the charity activities so that more and more people will feel it this world still not that bad as we thought. Let’s bring this positive energy to the whole internet marketing world so that more and more Internet Marketer will do the same to.

Let’s work together to have this dream come true and building a more harmony world. We hope to have a better tomorrow. 🙂

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