Internet marketing process flow really a niche

My blog has been setup for more than 6 months and the most likely visitor looking for was “internet marketing process flow”. I think is a niche that a lot of people is looking for.

Reason is very simple where all so called “Internet marketing Guru” just touch on their own product without going through which portion of Internet marketing process that they are covering and causing a lot of newbies hanging there even spending a lot on the product itself.

The basic of understanding Internet Marketing process flow is still very important. Each part of the process is related to each other, if process A doesn’t completed and you cannot move to process B.

A lot of us cannot make a success due to the facts that we do not have a solid understanding on each process mean and how to tell whether is good to proceed to next stage. We were told by these Guru that their product was so good to do this and do that, but they don’t teach us how to measure or benchmark whether we are in the right track to proceed to next steps.

Sincerely myself also has spend thousand of dollar on these products and heading to no where until recently I have some 1 to 1 training type of platform where he guided me all the way to overcome the mis-understanding on Internet marketing, from there I just start to see result bit by bit coming to my account.

Stay tune on my blog where I will teach you what you need to understand in order to make a success in Internet business.


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