I’ve my web template ready now

Last few days, I was busy with designing my web template and now I’ve completed now. My next target will be setting up my contents which Im estimated to be completed on next 2 weeks time. 🙂

At the same time, I will concentrate on my previous contents site too as well as preparing my Ezine. Know that collecting email list will be the main method to earn from online. Preparing the Ezine will be a good start to earn a living from Internet marketing where it allow you to see result in the shortest time frame. This is the method where all the Internet Guru is using too.

Coming back to the contents site, ideally any contents site should come with at least 150 pages and above in order to see the result fast from Adsense. Another element that we need to have in order contents site will be opt-in box for your visitor to subscribe you newsletter or ezine if they feel that the contents is useful.

Once they have subscribed to your ezine, that where you start to send the ezine to them on a weekly or daily basis depending what is your plan. In facts, you can start to promote them any product inside the ezine other than ezine itself, that where you can get extra income from promoting people product.

Basically, the contents website should come with contents, ads as well as opt-in forms. I’m heading towards this direction. I will keep you all posted once my site is up and running.

Stay Tune and Happy Learning.

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