Keep dropping my indexed pages in Google

Recently I did a research on Google and I’ve setup two sites both with 100 pages each site. Generate sitemap and those usual stuffs, submit to Google.

One site I keep updating the contents on a daily basis and one I just leave it there. Guess what happened to the active site? The answer is my indexed page keep dropping on a weekly basis, from 89 pages and now left with 19 pages. Just don’t know what had happened to this site. Whereas, the site that I just leave it there, the indexed pages stays there for long long time. In facts, the number of indexed pages still sustained till today.

Just wonder what had happened to Google new search engine. Hard to tell for now what we need to do for now. Just stay put and don’t do anything yet to your site until the New Search Engine become more stable.

At the mean time, please keep review your existing pages to make sure that no duplicate contents.

Stay tune for more news on Google Search Engine.

Please take note that from today onwards I will be stopped posting till next week as now is a holiday session. 🙂

See you all again in next week soon. Happy Chinese New Year.

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