My next site will be published soon, please come back shortly….

Adsense will be my main source of income for the time being. My next site will still be a content site where I will put up at least 100 pages of contents but I will targeted for 200 pages if is possible.

Im right now just completed my keyword research and confirmed my topic that I need to do. Planning also in progress as well as designing my web template. In this coming site, I’ve included some new things like, displaying date and time as CSS as well. Getting more and more complicated and hope myself still able to cope with it.

I’m giving myself 1 month to complete my entire site and hope by this month, I can have my 50% of website ready and publishing to the world. To me, I still feel contents site will be the easier way out to see immediate result.

If you want to see fast result in internet marketing, please spend some time to write and put up your own contents sites. Don’t expect you are earn a living from just one website, you need to have at least 5 to 6 contents site before you can see any result on very consistent basis.

Happy Learning and Good Luck.

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