New Google Web Elements

Google recently has developed a lot of tools or gadgets to allow us as a Webmaster to incorporated into our site. If you want to get the details, please visit for more details.

Let me briefly touch on the tools which I think will benefit to all:

1) Calender – Remind your reader on the important dates like Christmas, New year and etc.

2) Post Comments – Allow your reader to post the comments if there is any.

3) Maps – Google maps which is one of the tool that I like the most. Helping to solve a lot of issues like lost in the space. 🙂

4) Translate tool – helping us to perform the translation to other major language which will help you to bring more and more different language visitor.

With all this tools, it will helping you to make your site more interactive rather than a statics site.

Hope you all can spend sometime to under each of these tools which I think will help us a lot. Thanks

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