Photoshop – cool software to desing your banner

Recently I just get to know Photoshop can do a lot of this which all the while I was under impression that is just for enhancing the picture effects. If you are under the same impression, is not too late to learn this software to design your banner, website template, button and many many more.

Last 2 weeks, I was so lucky that Alvin is teaching us how to design a nice and professional template using Photoshop, after that class, I switch all my banner to into photoshop. Very obviously, Photoshop has a lot of function which GIMP cannot provided (off course cannot compare, one is free version and the other is paid version).

Please visit my site which I have redesigned using photoshop (please take note, just the banner and template where Im using photoshop to design):


I have total changed my banner from big header to these size of banner which I feel that is more decent, simple and nice if you compare with the rest. 🙂

I will keep continue to learn my Photoshop where I feel it can be done more than that.

Happy Learining

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