Planning our time on Marketing??

Internet Marketing time planning
Internet Marketing time planning

Most of the Internet Marketing has the same question? What should I do when coming to day to day activities in order to market myself? There is not standard answer for this and please refer to the below for your guideline only:

For me I usually did in the below manner:
1) Blogging – I will spend roughly one hour to write blog, they included keyword analyst as well as posting my blog into my site. This is not a daily activities where I will post my blog in alternate day basis. If there is no blog for me to post, I’ll use it to either preparing Video to post into Youtube or doing some Free Classifieds Ads.

2) Forum – Participating in forums as well as starting a new Thread on each day. The key is to expose as much as possible your signature in the forum that you are in. The formula is reply 10 posts at least each day for first month and subsequently replying 3 to 4 post on daily basis as well as starting a new thread on each day too. By doing that, you will start to see a lot of Traffic coming to your site for free. 🙂

3) Other than forum, I will spend sometime to read some people blog and leave some comment there. This is what we call dofollow commenting, by doing this, we are doing some backlink activities with others. This will helping us to bring up out page rank with no effort at all. 🙂 I’m highly recommended to spend at least 1 hour on this activities. Keep 10 blog into your list and perform the dofollow commenting within these 10 site and from time to time, change your list to other blog site too.

4) Last will be social network like facebook, myspace, twitter and etc, get as many friends as possible where they are your mouth and eye for the market that you are in. They will market your product for free as long as you have some level of communication with them. So remember to talk to them on your regular time and spend roughly one hour per day to marketing yourself in social network. You can spend an hour on daily basis at one site at a day, eg Facebook on Momday and Myspace on Tuesday.

The rest will be up to individual like article marketing which is also good but not my cup of tea, I don’t really good in writing so I will leave it until I can get a cheap and good writer to write article for me. 🙂

For Free ads and video, is totally up to individual too, if you like it, please go ahead to spend sometime to use it. Those are good marketing ways too.

The last is to monitor your result, if you are ok with the return, then stick on it else please change the frequency accordingly until you are happy with the return. The average time will be from 4 to 6 hours daily on your marketing activities daily.

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