Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 1)

As promised, I would like to touch again on what is called Internet marketing process.

Today, the most important element on Internet marketing process is still a market research, if there is no demand, then no meters how well you have your site design, you will come back with nothing.

Understanding the needs is still very important. Usually, I did all my research via forums. Below are my steps:

1) Identify what you like to do, first like dog training, Internet marketing and etc.

2) Then find 2 to 3 forums to register via searching in Google, type in the search term like dog training + Forums, whole butch of the forums will be displayed, pick 2 to 3 forums that is still active and register.

3) Next is to login to forums on daily basis for 3 days to check what is the topics that member is looking for.

4) Compile a list of items that you think is a hot market then post some question with regards to the items that you want to confirm whether there is a niche or not.

5) Wait for one week and compile the final list.

Once you have that done, next will be confirmed how hot is the products that you want to do.

Stay Tune.

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