Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 10)

Today, I’m going to share what compulsory things inside our website:
1) Header that consist the following elements:
– Your Domain Name, tag line that represent your site and if is possible, please get some logo for your site too.

2) Footer with the following details:
– Contact us page
– Term of use page
– Privacy Policy page

Those are very important pages that we need to including into our site. The reason is protecting webmaster contents being stolen and reuse on some other site as well as protecting your hard work being changed and reused too.

Usually this is something that applicable to the contents site, if you dealing with blog like I do. those pages can be optional too. Depending whether you want or not.

The question is where can I get the format? The answer is simple too, just go the pages with type of contents, copy and paste it into your site. Please remember to change the details like domain, contact person name and etc to suite your need. When it come to these pages, due to the contents are similar and came with pre-requisite format, is ok for us to copy too.

Stay tune, next is to talking about keyword density when you designing a page.


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