Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 11)

Remember last post I was mentioned about keyword and what other elements that we need while designing our webpages.

The elements that we need while creating our web pages are as below:

1) “title” tag inside the html code – Put something that related to your pages as well as concentrated on your keywords, remember to replace ” ” to <" ">

2) “meta name=”Description” CONTENT=”XXXXX” – replace the XXXXX with all the keywords or statements that related to your pages. Remember to replace ” ” to <" ">

3) “meta name=”Keywords” CONTENT=”XXXX” – replace the XXXXX with all the short tail and long tail keywords that you want to put. Remember that, you can put more than one keyword by seperating with “,” comer sign. Max keyword per page will be 20 to 25 words or depending on the number of the character on your page, I usually put 5% to 8% of the total words of that particular page. remember to replace ” ” to <" ">

Once you have the 3 elements, your page should be good enough to meet the basic SEO requirements.

Stay tune, next is to tell your how shall we do next we have completed our web design work. Thanks

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