Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 12)

When you guys finished all the pages that you wish to create then is time to transfer to your host. Usually, Im using filezilla to transfer my files.

The information that you need are as below:
1) hostname (usually you eg.
2) username (the username that come alone with your welcomne letter)
3) Password (Same will come alone your welcome letter)
4) Port (by default, usually is port 21)

Once your have the details, then your connect it to your hosting company to copy over your pages to hosting. Usually, we intend to put all the files under \public_html

Drag and drop all the files that you want to copy to your host.

Basically that’s done. Once you have completed, remember to update at least once a week to keep you site alive as well as keep search engine spider keep coming to your site to look for new contents. This is a must for all the site regardless what, especially those are new.

That’s about all for today and next week I will talk to submit the site to major search engine. Stay Tune.

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