Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 13)

When you have about 100 pages of the webpages, then is time for you to submit your site to major search engine so that your site can get index as soon as possible. Reason of doing that, is you want to get your site being indexed to their database and advantages of doing that is when people is searching for something that related to your topic, your site can be displayed via the search result and causing they visited your site.

They are 3 major search engines that you might want to submit which are Google, Yahoo and

Below you are doing that, please get yourself to prepare the following first:
1) Webpages
2) sitemap.xml
3) contact us page
4) private policy page
5) Term of use page

Once you have that, then you can submit your site to them.

How to do that, is simple. Just go to and key in “Submit page to Google” and you should be able to locate the link. Just repeat that by replacing Google to Yahoo or Bing.

Once you have done that, you need to maintain the site from time to time basis. Remember to maintain or add 2 to 3 new pages so that you can keep search engine spider coming back to your site from time to time. By do that, your site will keep active in their database.

Next, I will talk about how to make your site more searchable. Stay tune. Thanks

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