Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 15)

Once your website archive certain number of pages, then is time to concentrate on how to get traffic and get hold you visitor to leave a contact for you in order for you to doing some back end promotion to them.

In term of getting extra traffic to your site, there are several ways of doing that which as below:
1) Leave comments on some other related topics blog with your honest opinion. This goes the same with participate in forum too.

2) Keep writing articles.

3) If you have budget, get some paid traffic like enroll to Adwords so that you can pull traffic.

4) Last resources will be organize some form of contest in order to getting your targeted traffic too.

All these while, I have spend at least 1 hour per day doing the activities listed above in order to pull traffic. Please expect some period of them doing this in order to see result. For myself, I would suggest that we need to spend 6 to 9 months time keep doing the same activities on daily basis before you even can see the steady traffic to you site.

At the same time, please think of something free or useful that you visitor will leave their email for you in order to get your free stuff. The next I would like to touch is how to let your visitor leave their email for your so that you can perform some backend promotion in order to earn some money from selling product.

Stay Tune and Thanks.

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