Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 16)

This part I will cover what we need make visitor to leave their email to us while visiting our site. Below are the steps:

1) Firstly sign up the free accounts from so that we can create a form and put the form into our site. Just follow the step by step that the site provided and your should be able to create the form and put in into the site.

2) The next is to create some free report or course so that when your visitor leave their email and you can using the function to send them the report.

3) Once you have everything in place, then you need to go back the to create the download instruction to for your visitor to download the free report. Is just a email series that can help you to perform.

If you have completed all these, then next is to pull more and more traffic to your site on daily basis. The next I will mention how to get more and more trafiic for free.

Stay Tune.

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