Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 2)

Last we mentioned about looking for niche and today I want to touch on niche and demand. Once we have the feedback from the forum, we will then roughly know what is our niche and demand. Compile them into a list, identify the keyword for each item in the list. If no single keyword, then leave it as what you have in the list.

Once that done, do to Google Keywords External tools (get the link from Google by key in “Google Keywords External” and the link will be displayed). Go to the tools and key in the keyword to ensure the keyword that you are targeting is having traffic on the monthly basis. One by one, write down the volume. Once you have the volume, then is too summaries them and sort accordingly to the volume.

The last part of today is to get the list and identify the top list, use the top list as your idea for your domain name.

Next I will touch on how to proceed to buy the domain and hosting.

Stay Tune.

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