Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 3)

Last part we were mentioned about keywords research and today I would like to touch on the next process after keywords research, which is domain name.

Domain name is just like a your business company name that represent your business. Remember, first rule while you are choosing your domain is you need to choose your domain that related to the product or topic that you want to promote.

Please follow the following the below rules while you choosing your domain:

1) Maximum 4 words in your domain name and do not exceed that limit, eg. and do not choose, as long as keep it simple and easy to remember.

2) Best if you can buy to protect your whois information where no one will know who we are while going to by key in our domain name.

3) If you can, please enable the auto renewal as we might forgot to renew it when our domain name come to expire.

4) If you are going to something business, please remember to buy .com instead of .net or .org.

For domain, I would recommended which so far the best that I found.

Next topic will be choosing Hosting. Stay tune.

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