Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 5)

Last part we were mentioned about hosting, now I want to touch on how to configure your hosting into your domain. Let’s assumed that you already purchased the plan and you should received a welcome letters from the hosting letter to indicate your host server name, usually the name will start with something like

This will always coming in a pair, like PR8 and PR9. Next is to go to namecheap to configure this.

Login into your account, under your profile and select the domain name that you have purchased and look for nameserver re-direction or Domain Name Server Setup, key in the nameserver name and click save to proceed. Once that done, basically you are ready to put your stuff into the hosting.

Below are the summary:

1) Login into Name

2) Select the domain that you have purchased

3) On the left side, select Domain Name Server Setup

4) key in the 2 name server that provided by the hosting company

5) Lastly click save to proceed.

Once you have completed, then open up any IE, key in the domain name and press enter, your shall see something like “site is under maintenance” or some directory being displayed. If you have this, then you are in the right track. Something this will be delayed, just wait for 3 to 5 days and try again. If you still cannot make after that, email namecheap and sitehost4u to further support.

Stay tune. I will touch on FTP on the next coming chapter.

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