Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 6)

Last part we were talking about setting your host and this part we are going to touch on how to setup the FTP client in order for you to put our web pages into the hosting.

In order to do that, we need to have a FTP client in order to do that. I would recommended FileZilla in order to do that. Please download the client from internet.

Once you have completed, please double click the file and continue your setup. Double click the icon in order for you to send or downloading files from your hosting. I’m going to assume that you have completed some files and ready to upload into your hosting for viewing.

Please follow the following steps in order to perform the upload or downloading:

1) Open up the welcome letter from the hosting, please find there is an IP address, username and password.

2) Double click the FileZilla icon, on top of the screen, you will see Address, User and password.

3) Please key in the ip or FTP., eg

4) Key in the username is the user text box

5) Key in the password too in the password text box

6) Click on quickconnet button which is next to port. Just leave the port as blank and should be able to see your hosting file

7) Look for public_html and double click on the folder

8) Look for Local Site and naviagte to the folder where you want to ftp the files

9) Select the files that you want to upload and double click it. By doing that, you are now sending the files to the server

Note: If you want to create any sub-folder, just create it under public_htm.
Eg: I create a sub-folder in public_html called and if you want to view it, then all you need to do is go to IE and type in and you should be able to view the file.

When you have completed, just close the icon.

Stay tune, next we are going to touch on how to organize your site.

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