Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 7)

Last part of article, we were saying that FTP your contents to your hosting and today I would like to touch on how to organize our website.
Please remember to the following while you organies your site:

1) Any main page should locate in the host folder called public_html. Your main page should always named either with index.html or default.html. If you are using php, then your main page should named with index.php or default.php.

2) If you site have a simple layout, then you should have at least 2 layer like index.php –> contactus.php, if you have this case, depending on how you want to arrange your site, you can either put everything in public_html folder or you can put index.php in public_html and create a folder called contactus and put your contactus.php into that folder.

3) If you have more than 3 layers like About us –> Company profile –> meeting the team, then I would strongly suggest that you out aboutus.php inside public_html and create a folder in public_html called aboutus and put aboutus.php and meetingtheteam.php into aboutus folder. Any 2nd and 3rd layer, contents should be inside the same folder.

4) Any graphic should create a folder called images to store all the images

By doing this, you should be able to easily identified what is 1st layer and what is 2 layer or 3 layer. Basically, organizing your site is for easy maintenance only.

Hope you guys have some basis understanding on this. Stay tune, next round I will touch on tools to create web pages.

Stay tune.

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