Recap of Internet Marketing Process (part 9)

Last we were mentioned that we need to software to start our internet business. Now you got to decided what type of webpages that you want to go for, is either html or php pages.

Html pages are those that very statics where you cannot have programming to handle some special request like validated data from Database and feedback to the user at the same time. Although some of the guru they we mentioned that is workable but is very tedious where I would highly recommended to go for php code.

They are a lot of freelance programmer available to help you guys if you are not sure what php is all about. But, if you are going for basic, the php is very smilar to html. All html code can be supported by php.

You are required to outsource it when it come to some programming logic. Usually the charges will be started from USD 30 to USD100 depending on how complex your logic. If you are not fancy about all, just draft down your basis template, your logo, your domain name, header and footer that represent your site.

Take a few days to think about this and if you are required to have some free picture, please visit to download the picture. Remember to cut and paste in order to avoid any licensing issues.

Stay tune, the next I will teach you all on what is needed inside a Web main Page. Thanks

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