Secret of using facebook to promote your CPA program.

Does anyone here trying to run a CPA program but still cannot see any result? If yes, you might want to try this out.

Usually, this required some amount of work before you can even see the result. Please follow the below steps in order to see the result. Thanks

1) Apply any CPA Account. I found out the below CPA network covered a lot of CPA programs which you can take a try:

2) Once you have completed the sign up, please create a facebook account with at least 5000 friends by joining the groups and post some general comments on it.

3) Next when you have reach 5000 friend, then you need to pick any offer from the cpa network. My personal choice will be health care product as well as mobile products which helping me a lot in earning. Make sure you follow the rules when you run your promotion.

4) Post the Offer On Walls and make sure you post on peoples wall who update there status easy to do click on friends then friends updates make your post then click comment. Also participate on newsfeed In Facebook and comment all the big groups too. Please limited these activities on 30 to 40 post per every 45 mins. But for newsfeed positing, please limit yourself about 10 to 12 at any time.

Keep continue doing this on a daily basis and you will see your result soon. Thanks

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