Selling Physical products

Other than promoting e-products, another area that you as an Internet marketer can take a look is selling physical product with light weight or any self made products that you can think off from your head.

Think about this, usually these product are very low in cost price, basically those are for raw materials like paper, tools and some cheap raw materials that you can easily get from your local supplier. Think about something that is made from recycle product where eventually you can sell it more high price.

If you feel making your own product is not your cup of tea, then try to locate some talented handmade product from your local area, buy it from them and sell it online will be another way for this business.

More and more Internet marketer is heading towards this direction where you can easily earned 3 to 4 times from your cost price. The only drawback is you need to pack and ship the product to your customer.

The reason that I am asking your to selling product online is you can see the result more faster if you compare with selling e-product or prepare any contents pages or websites. While you are preparing for the contents sites, why not spend some time on this and setup an online store helping you to earn some money while waiting for the income from contents site.

There are some many sites that your can sell online, like,, and many many more that you can find out there. Take some time think about this and evaluate whether worth it or not.