Can selling prodcut in eBay become full time job?

Selling in Ebay for Full Time Job

A lot of us are having concern on how to turn selling eBay to a full time internet business, but how to start that? Do you want to know how? If yes, below are the steps:
1) Sign up with an accounts
2) Start to buy things online to get the positive feedback. Remember this, you need to spend some money first before your start to earn money.
3) Stop when you have about 25 to 30 feedback
4) Then start to source for the things to sell online
5) Once you have that, then start to put them into the auction
6) Repeat the auction process until you have reach 100 sales online
7) Start to setup eBay store and sell them online
8) At the same time, doing at least 20 auction listing per month to push your traffic to your store
9) Keep monitoring to sell and at the same time, keep looking for new products for sell as well.

Ebay will work for you

Keep repeating the process over and over again until you are confident to cover your full time income.

Hope you can success in eBay too.