The powerful tools – Facebook

Guys and gals, time to change the marketing direction where a lot of Internet marketers are switching direction using Web 2.0 as a marketing channel, pull traffic to the site and get them enroll to your free ezine. All these are free, why not give a try?

To Share my story, I started this facebook with nothing and right now I have about 1300 friends and all these are the friend that I called “Virtual Friend” which will be potentially become my buyer, sounds cool?

All you need is creating a profile, put up a picture and you are ready to go, start with your own friends and from there you expend day by day. A people like me can do it in about a month time, why not you?

A daily activities that you need are as below:
1) Keep writing something that you are promotion, is regardless what topic and get everyone aware that you are doing Internet marketing in order to keep your friend attention

2) Keep add 10 to 20 person per day, eventually you will have a big group. Ignore those who is rejecting your invitation and keep moving. Remember you purpose is to get friend a get their attention to come to your site and subscribe to your free service so that you can perform back-end promotion to them with regards to the product that you want to sell.

If you keep doing this, I can ensure that come to a period of time, you will have a group of people that helping you to start off with something. 🙂

Enjoy Trying this. Good Day.

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