Time to move to next contents site

My first contents site is almost completed and I think is time for me to move to next site 🙂

From all the experience people, they were telling me in order to see result in contents site you need at least 10 websites and above, so my aim is to get as many contents site as possible. One thing that I’ve learned was, contents site is not easy to produce as you need a lot of time to prepare the following:

1) Website template

2) Contents – what and how many pages of contents that you want to put

3) Keyword research as well as your contents that you want to put up must be related to your contents

4) Time and effort to put up one site

5) Ads and many back end work like pull travel, prepare article and etc

If order to see fast result, you need to put up at least one site every 2 to 3 weeks and that’s my challenge to make this happen within this year. 🙂

Guys and gals, contents site still the most basic way to earn from online if you want to see result in the shortest time frame.

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