Using Ebay to earn a massive of income

Using Ebay to earn massive income

My today topic will be mainly touch on how to use Ebay to replace your income. Basically this is very simple process and all you need is to create an account with eBay first.

Below are some of the guideline:

1) Go to your local eBay site, like
2) Create an account
3) Start to collect feedback up to 25 to 40 positive feedback
4) Then you are ready to sell
5) Using a research product called Terapeak to perform the research on what is the product can sell, one you have that details
6) Go to look for the supplier that supplying the product that you are looking for but remember to look for on Gold status supplier which is more reliable
7) Buy on the small quantity to test the market, ideally 5 to 10 first
8) Once you have the product, start to post it
9) If the selling is good, then repeat the process from step 6 to 8 until you get a new product to sell.

Hopefully this will works for you where I am doing the same at the moment.