Video Marketing is possible to help you to sell your affiliate programs

Do you guys know that we can also promote our affiliate using Camtasion 6.0 to promote our affiliate product? Yes, we can do that, as long as you can capture your screen when you are using your product, then you are able to promote your product using video.

Only point that you want to take note while using this tactic is you need to buy the product before you are able to capture your screen. When you are using this to promote your product, all you need to do as below:

1) Buy the product that you are going to promote, then use it for a few rounds and have some comments, write down what is the advantage and disadvantage of the product.

2) Start your Camtasia session, capture what is the good point and what is the bad point with your comments.

3) When done, save it in avi file and upload into Youtube. Before you publishing this to the world, you can use the Youtube provided tools to add on your conclusion to the product at any point of the video. Ideally, I like to add in the text when starting of my presentation, that we user are keep focus on. Put it in point forms what is the advantages and disadvantages to the products, don’t forget to put in your affiliate like there also.

4) When done, publish the video to the world.

Other than Youtube, you can also using the following video networks:
1) Google Video
2) AOL Video
3) Dailymotion
4) Megavideo
5) NewGrounds

Please take note that, different video site might have different tools, so spend some time on how to use the tools from each site before you publish the video.

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