Ways of builing inbound links

The most important elements in order to success in Internet Marketing is very much depending on how much traffic can we bring to our site. The more the better and today, I’m going to tell we as an Internet marketer can do in order to bring our business to the next level.

Remember to do this on either weekly basis or daily basis what ever we can. Below are the ways:

1) Writing articles – The most effective ways to gain free traffic to our site. Write an articles with at least 250 to 400 characters and submit to the articles sites like ezinearticles.com, articlescity.com and etc for twice a week, either on Wednesday and Sunday or any days that your feel the best for you. When you doing this on a regular basis, you will start to see the result very fast. Personal feel, this is the best way which I’ve found for now.

2) Participate in Forum – Find at least 5 forums that related to your topic and create a profile there with a very creative signature that represent your site. On daily basis, please post at least one question and reply at least 1 questions, at the end of the answer or question, your signature will be displayed. Each time when someone read your question and if your signature is creative enough, your will get tons of free traffic too. My 50% of the traffic is coming from Forum instead of Articles. The reason is I’ve very less time spend in writing articles.

3) The last method if participate in blogging too. Similar to forums, please select 5 to 10 blog that related to the topic that you are heading too, read the post on weekly basis and leave your sincere comments there. They surely will have one area for you to write your URL and that’s where you can get free traffic. To me, this will take some time in order to see result due to most of the blog will set the comment approval on manual method to prevent spams posting, blog owner will not login on daily basis to approve your comment. Therefore, I would said you need some time to see the result.

If you are doing this on a very consistent basis, I can ensure that you can see the result fast. Remember do not give up and keep trying. A lot of marketer failed due to they gave up easily. Please be consistent in order to see the result.


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