What are the elements that Search Engine is looking for?

Do you ever thinking of what are the important elements that serach engines from Google, Yahoo or Bing.com are looking for in order to increase the searches from the Search Engines. If you are, then I want to tell you my findings too. Hope you will learn something from here as well.

If you are concentrate on the big search engines, please concentrate on the Title and Description meta tags inside our html or php code. My advise is to put the same things that you have listed in Keyword meta tag.

Major search engine is determined the keywords from description meta tag instead of keywords meta tag. If you have put the same thing inside keywords and descriptions meta tag, then you are ready to cover big and small search engines.

All the while, I was under the impression to concentrate on keywords meta tags other than others until yesterday where he told me that I was under the wrong impression.

For those who are under the same impression like me, please change your pages accordingly if you want to have good result via Internet Marketing.

Thanks all for today.

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