What are the trends for Affiliate to promote any product?

Nowadays, getting more and more complicated when come to promoting products where all of us will using the following:

1) Web 2.0 – Video
Introduction about yourself so that your targeted customer will know who are you and what are you doing. The most importing is you can use video to promote product, telling people what is this product all about and what is the advantages of using this product. Very good and high in conversion rate ways to sell product.

2) Wed 2.0 – Voice
If you don’t have cam recorder to make your video, the you can have audio as well to perform the same thing like video, just that your customer will not know how you look like only. Even that, this is not a show stopper to stop you to moving forward. Using voice also can have the same result.

3) Getting other testimonial from the world wide marketer that promoting the same product with you, that will be more effective where you are telling your customer tans of people are using the same product with you, but not only that, all of them already seen result or getting result after using the product, Guess what, the conversion rate definitely will be more higher than video or MP3.

4) Freebie that very similar to the product that you going to sell or related to the product that you going to sell. That can be an interview or a report that related to the product. To my opinion, writing a tips on how to use this product will be good enough to be given away as Freebie.

If you landing page full with any 3 of them, you should be able to get a very high conversion rate provide you must have a very strong problem and solution that what is people looking for. Back to basic, you still need to have some research before your start selling anything. 🙂

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