What is the latest model of Internet Business?

Latest Business Model of Internet Market - PLR product.
Latest Business Model of Internet Market - PLR product.

Do you guys aware or notice what is the latest trend of Internet Business? I do, yes is PLR (Private Label Right) Membership site business model. This is telling us that the owner created the product and allow us as a buyer to buy the product and rebrand using our own brand name. Amazing, right? Now, we as a newbie don’t need to worry about product anymore, all we need to do is buy the product and sell it using our own brand name.

What type of Products outside the market are belong to PLR today:
1) Training Course
2) Training Audio
3) Training Video
4) Ebook
5) Report
6) Article
7) Web Template
And so many many more, but above are most common that we have in the Internet for now.

Why they want do to this?
1) Residual income to the creator – this will allow them to create a residual income and more and more member will come back to look for new product so that they can sell in online. Creator need to be creative enough to fulfill the niche market. This will help them to have long live income with less marketing work.

2) Branding – This is good to bring up the brand that belong to each niche market. Like recently, Alvin Phang is come out with own product called Atomic Blogging, sort of PLR product that allow the member to sale immediately they join the product. Only thing that I don’t like is they are given outdated product like which will not be hot under today market.

3) Build a small community to market their own product. Imagine, if they have 500 memberships, eventually they are all belong to the same group and if next time the owner were to create a new product that targeted for the same group, do you think how many of them will buy? Answer is at least 50% of them will buy. Without any hot promotion, they already have some targeted customer.

4) Helping each other with the same group. They also can use the power of network to help each other to be success in the same niche.

Any many many more benefits. At to me, you will be more and more samilar product will come out too. This is a niche for future Internet Market.

Please do not do this:
1) Give away old product which is not value added to the member, always go for the latest product

2) Do not over promise in the sale letter, see what you have before give the product to your member

3) Don’t let your member hang over there. Help as and when required.

Key Points:
1) Good income – Creator already has a group of targeted customer and fore sure they will have more steady income

2) Less Work – all they need is to keep creating the product and share to their members

Hope you guys have some very high level idea on what is the latest trend of the Internet market.

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