Why Contents Site Income Slow?

As getting more and more longer in Internet Marketing, some time I feel very discouraging when it come to income sustaining. Hardly you can see a lot of income from month to month, I guess I still need to work harder. 🙂

I have completed one contents site recently and weekly adsense impression was about 150 and above, you rarely can see any result yet and that’s why I’m saying discouraging if I compare with affiliate program. I felt sometime conflicting each other for the below reasons:

1) Contents site easy to build and promote but you hardly can see result fast. All you need to do is keep building building building your site and keep moving only. You must put the income aside so that you can keep moving else you cannot move far if you are looking for income fast.

2) Affiliate site is hard to construct but if you done it correctly, then you can see result fast. My affiliate income is more than my Adsense income, does this sound normal? Is up to individual on how to evaluate it.

For my case, I think we need to combine both in order to build long lasting income from Internet. 🙂 Come to the end, I guess I need to work harder and harder in order to see result or consistent income. 🙂

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