Why My Adsense drop so much?

Since last week till now, my adsense page impression was decrease at least 70% per day. Hmm, don’t know what is happening there also. The only thing that worry me was will my site be “sand box”? When I check again this morning, my site still having visitor and some of the visitor does appeared in my Adsense page impression just don’t know what is happening.

Do you all ever think of this? How about one day my site being stored in Sand box, will you still continue doing what you like, eg preparing Adsense site? To me, yes I will still doing the same. I will start another new site and left the sand box site for at least 6 to 9 months and come back to redesign again.

Treat this as business and you will start to move again. I’m doing the same now, if my site so unlucky moving sand box, then I will move to a new site. Always have the below rules and regulations:

1) Do not change or update any site pages more than 10% of your total pages on your site to prevent your site to be “sand box” by Google Adsense.

Hope this is something useful to you guys.


Happy reading then.

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