WordPress vs normal website?

Did anyone here do a research on whether a normal website template vs WordPress template can have a better ranking in search engine? If you have try this, I think you will know which one. The answer will be wordpress template.

Just wonder why? I think more properly will be causing by RSS feed and there are a lot of tools that helping you to promote your business. From time to time, you will come to a site look alike wordpress but with normal website tense to have better ranking in Search engine.

I have tested this as well, one of my site Im using wordpress and make a change look alike website and stand pretty good rank in search engine. Guys and gals, time to make some changes where move your site to wordpress and run it from there. You will be surprising the result.

There are plenty of website look alike website template on the website, please feel free to download them and try it 🙂

Good luck.

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