Yahoo Answer?

I got to know this 2 days back and I’m decided to share this little tricks to Internet marketer where I think it will help to bring us some traffic too. Yahoo Answer is the topic for today.

Do you guys aware that more and more marketers are using this as a bridge to pull targeted traffic? If you don’t know about this, then it will be good time to get started. Is just a forum type site where it allow us to post question and select the best answer if you are the owner who had posting a question. The best answer get to display on top of the screen which will be more visible to all. That’s the reason more and more people want to use this tool. Other than that, I heard some said will help us in getting backinks too.

Things to take note while using Yahoo Answer:
1) You need to select your topic that you want to answer or post any question. Any not related question will caused your account get banned.

2) Cannot over promoting your sites, this will caused your account get banned too.

3) Try to answer one or two question per day and do not over answer all questions, this will caused your account get banned too.

As long as you stay decent profile, then this will be a good tools for you to promote your stuff. Hope this little tips can help you guys. Thanks

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