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I started this site since beginning of year 2009 where I think it will be some value added stuffs where it will help a lot of newbies to shorten the learning curve. I have spend thousand of dollar in a lot of books as well as courses, some of them were not worth a single cent. In order to prevent the same bad experience that happened to be with regards to the learning, I decided to put all my Internet Marketing learning experience into this site. Hope more and more newbie will benefits from here.

How to archive success in Internet Marketing?

In facts, in order to archive success in internet marketing, you need to spend a lot of hours by setting up web site by web site, that where you will gained the experiences on failure as well as success. Do not expected overnight success if you have decided to involve yourself in Internet Marketing. Do promise yourself to give at least 2 to 3 years time before you can even see a single dime flow into your accounts. In Internet marketing, do you scare of failure and do not give up attitute is a must, sometime you will not see any result if you are heading to wrong side. Listen or observed what people had done in Internet Marketing is very important as well. Do follow those success foot steps in order to shortern your learning curve. Once you have your success, remember to share to others as well.

What are the objectives for

The objectives of this site are:
1) Helping newbie to archive result in the shortest time frame.
2) Identify the newly trade in the Internet marketing.
3) Identify which model of business can be good to go in order to prevent wasting of your model.
4) Getting what is free that help in our business.
5) Tips on how others can make a success in Internet Marketing and

Many many more.

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