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Google Analytics is more than a tool (Part 3)

First thing to do when you have analytics installed for your site will be analyst your traffic and understand how long a visitor stays at your site. Understand where there enter and where the leave. If you want to know more on how to analyst these data, I think the below video will be good […]

Google Analytics is more than a tool (Part 2)

Just back few days back, I went to attend Google Analytics Master Class and I really open up my eyes where Google Analytics is just more than a tool that telling where is the visitor coming from, it can do more than we thought, for example, create goals and measure your goals, measure your e-commerce […]

Google Analytics – Website Opitimizer And Price testing

One of topic that I have learn from Google Anaytics Master Class was how to use the Analytics to run the testing before your have the answer how much you going to sell this product. Attached is the video on how can we use and run the testing. Hope you have learn something too.

Google Analytics is more than a tool (Part 1)

Yesterday I attended Google Analytics Management Class (GAMC), not sure I read it correctly. The speakers does very well to introduce what are the features that Google Analytics can be found using this tools. Other than using the tool to analyst your visitor, you also can use it to perform the following: 1) Analyst your […]

WordPress vs normal website?

Did anyone here do a research on whether a normal website template vs WordPress template can have a better ranking in search engine? If you have try this, I think you will know which one. The answer will be wordpress template. Just wonder why? I think more properly will be causing by RSS feed and […]

Google Analytics Seminar in Kuala Lumpur on this coming Thursday (11 Mar 2010)

Anyone planning to attend this seminar? I think is good to attend this seminar if you have plan to involve yourself in Internet marketing. Google will release more insider information on how to use analytics. I believe you guys have been looking for a details understanding on how to analyst the Analytics data. By doing […]

Using Flickr to build backlinks

Recently, I saw one article that telling Internet marketer to build backlinks using Immediately, I tried that and looks like generated a lot of traffic too, easy and fast way of building traffic. If you have time, please login into and create a profile there. Remember to include your site URL that you […]

Secret of using facebook to promote your CPA program.

Does anyone here trying to run a CPA program but still cannot see any result? If yes, you might want to try this out. Usually, this required some amount of work before you can even see the result. Please follow the below steps in order to see the result. Thanks 1) Apply any CPA Account. […]

Get your page index fast

One of the most important factor to determine whether a website is success or not if to get a lot traffic to your site, other than that, you also need to get your website indexing to Google as soon as possible. I have done some research and found out the this method is one of […]

Articles Marketing is really working

Today here is something that I have talk before which is article marketing. Last week, when I talk to one internet marketing guru and she was telling me the easy way out of doing internet marketing is using articles marketing. She was so success in internet marketing by just purely using 2 ways: 1) SEO […]

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