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Adsense vs Infolinks

Recently I get to know the rate that paid by Infolink was higher than Adsense. One day, I’ve earned up to USD2.00 which I can hardly get it from Adsense so far. If you are planning to earn using ads in your website, then you might want to consider Infolinks too. Sign up process is […]

Good source for free web traffic

If you plan to get free traffic, I would suggest that you can using traffic from bookmarking. Mostly my free trabookiffic are coming from bookmarking site, I feel is was very effective and save cost too. So far I have tried 2 ways, one of them was article marketing and the other way will be […]

Keep dropping my indexed pages in Google

Recently I did a research on Google and I’ve setup two sites both with 100 pages each site. Generate sitemap and those usual stuffs, submit to Google. One site I keep updating the contents on a daily basis and one I just leave it there. Guess what happened to the active site? The answer is […]

How to index your page fast

I think the main intention of a Webmaster is to index our pages as much as possible. From research until testing, so far the one easy way out will be to include your site with RSS functionality so that you can ping the RSS receiver each time you have your new page up. I’m using […]

Factors that will help you to success in Internet Marketing

In order to succeed in Internet Marketing, there are some factors that you need to aware of in order to be suceeded: 1) Planning – You need to plan out day to day plan in order to have a consistency result. Internet marketing is something that very emphasize on how consistent you are, even you […]

What are the elements that Search Engine is looking for?

Do you ever thinking of what are the important elements that serach engines from Google, Yahoo or are looking for in order to increase the searches from the Search Engines. If you are, then I want to tell you my findings too. Hope you will learn something from here as well. If you are […]

My Traffic drop at least 30% since last week

Today, I just want to heads up to all of you where please check your traffic whether has it been dropped recently? Myself traffic has dropped at least 30% or more. I have did some research and I believe Google has changed a lot on the formula and causing this happening. Please spend sometime to […]

Continue on Articles Marketing

Last post we were mentioned using articles to running your marketing business. Sincerely, it was really working for me. Since last week, I’ve posted 3 new articles and guess what, I have tans of new traffic. I have really good experience on this and that’s why I want to share this with you all. Just […]

Finally, I’ve increased my Traffic

Today, I want to share something which I feel is good to share this out. By submmiting articles to major articles sites and I managed to gain back my traffic by at least 20% in a daily basis. Imagine, from 0 to 50 visitors per day, I think is worth to spend sometime on articles. […]

Does Google Caffeine really change all the Search Engine Logics?

Recently I’ve noticed that my contents side indexed pages are getting lesser and lesser, just wonder what has happened in I guess nothing that I can do at my end for now as we are all aware that Google Caffeine is mid of implementing, so I guess this will be one of the factor […]

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