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What is Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is an associate program where all the internet marketer will help to sell this product on the owner behalf, each successful transaction will get some commission. Most of the commission that running on this model usually will get 50% of the money on purchase, in order words, owner will get 50% and associate will get 50%. This is very much like a win-win situation if the sell completed successfully.

What is the benefits of affiliate program?

Well, the benefits will be as below:

1) No product business model where we just registered with the owner of the product and a special ID will be assigned to us. Once that done, we can start our business.

2) Very small amount of model to start with.

3) You can sell a lot of products at one time.

4) Easy to run this business, all you need is to write a review on the product and you are ready to run your business.

To the product owner will be:
1) Leverage on others to promote the product with is no cost at all.

2) Win-win situation where both parties also can earn money at the same time.

3) Affiliate run the business but traffic will belong to you at no cost too.

What is the company that running affiliate program?

The most famous company for this model will be Clickbank but off course there are other which I have enclosed in my articles.

On top of telling you the company, I also will tell you the tips and tricks on running affiliate program, hope you will get some benefits from there too.

More affiliate tips on my below articles:

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